Moonlight Tour Staff


All our staff are well versed in the history of the cemetery, although they do have their own individual fields of expertise. We are happy to take your questions during tours and do our best to provide answers.

The cemetery historian
Tracey Olivieri is a founder of the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery and has lived most of her her life in the local area. She fell in love with the cemetery while playing in it as a young girl. Having cleaned, photographed and recorded just about every grave in the cemetery, Tracey has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly who is buried where.

Outside of her activities as a Scout Leader and Rural Firefighter, Tracey has authored a number of booklets on cemetery history and was a Project Officer with the Ipswich Historical Cemeteries Project.

The paranormal historian
Liam Baker has a long history working the the paranormal sector and is the respected author of the successful ‘Haunts of Brisbane‘ blog. He also authored the Australian chapter of the the Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. Liam has worked as a consultant archaeologist, an historian, a genealogist, an author, and he is also a host on the hugely popular ‘Naked Zombie’ radio show.

The prison historian
Chris Dawson is a founder of the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society. He has written many publications on prison, cemetery and local history, and like Tracey has been employed on the Ipswich Historical Cemeteries Project. He is also the author of ‘The Boggo Blog‘.

Chris is a member of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland), was a Councillor with the National Trust of Queensland, and his specialised subject is capital punishment in Queensland.